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Services for Individuals

Home Visits

Every person referred to us is offered a home visit from a Stroke Care Co-ordinator.

At the first visit, the Stroke Care Co-ordinator will talk through with you and a family member or carer how your stroke has affected you and your family. It is an opportunity for you to discuss many different aspects of your stroke and the impact the stroke has had on your life. The Co-ordinator will carry out an informal assessment and help you to identify the issues that are most affecting you. The Co-ordinator will also offer you an assessment of your emotional wellbeing which will help us know what help you need.

After having heard your story and carried out some assessments, the Co-ordinator will be able to offer you advice and guidance and signpost you to other services and organisations as appropriate. The Co-ordinator will support you with additional visits and phone calls as needed and advise you about BASF services that might help you, such as membership of one of our many groups, counselling, the ACTion after Stroke programme and the opportunity to meet with other stroke affected people.

Some clients stay with us for many years; some have only brief links with us and then feel able to continue re-building their lives without further BASF support. Some clients return months or even years after our first contact with them, when they feel they need further support. Clients can be referred, or self refer themselves, at any point in their life after stroke.

BASF Co-ordinators are experienced at working with people affected by speech and communication problems.

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