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Your Life after a Stroke

After a stroke, many people struggle to come to terms with the restrictions the stroke has imposed on their life (click here to visit the counselling page). They long to leave hospital and get back to ‘normal’ at home, but life is not the same and it is difficult to slot back into their old life.

Others experience significant disability and have to consider residential care. This can be a very hard decision for everyone concerned, but with careful thought and discussion of the options, this can be the best choice in some cases.

In spite of very good medical care when in hospital, and from Supported Discharge Teams, many people report feeling abandoned by the health and social care services a few weeks after returning home. Therapies, such as physiotherapy, come to an abrupt end and you no longer have knowledgeable professionals at hand to answer your questions. Whereas when in hospital, services came to you in the ward, suddenly services seem scarce and you have to be very pro-active to get what you need. This is not true for everyone, but services to support you at home after a stroke can be very patchy and disjointed. This can contribute to your sense of frustration and lack of control and can increase anxiety and depression.

This is where the Bristol Area Stroke Foundation can help, providing someone to visit you at home, listen to your concerns, give advice and offer some local services to help you re-build your life. Click here to view our services »

The good news is that there is life after stroke! Recovery can continue over a very long period of time. With positive effort and hard work, the brain may heal in part and sometimes fully. Some of the factors that influence recovery are the extent of the original damage, which part of the brain is affected, the effort put in and the age of the person who has suffered the stroke. A positive attitude is also a significant factor. To give the best chances of recovery, people need easily accessible support after stroke. This is where BASF can help.

Many people after stroke report discovering new skills after their stroke and enhanced pleasure in many aspects of life. A fulfilling life after stroke can be re-built. 

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