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About Stroke

Getting Help

There are many organisations and services that can help you.

Health services:

Start with your GP. Your GP is your gateway to a number of services such as further physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and psychology services. Once you have been discharged from access to these services through the hospital, if you feel you would benefit from further treatment, discuss this with your GP who may refer you back. Your GP is a key person in helping you make a good recovery and is also very important in helping you minimise the risk of further strokes.

Social care services:

You are entitled to a social care assessment and if you haven't had one, ask for one.

Carers are also entitled to a Carers Assessment. If you haven’t been offered one, again be pro-active and ask for one.

To access adult social care services:
In Bristol – call Care Direct on 0117 922 2700
In South Gloucestershire – call Adult Care Services on 01454 868007

Voluntary organisations:

There are a number of voluntary organisations that might be able to help you. You will find a list of some of these on our links page.

In Bristol and South Gloucestershire, the Bristol Area Stroke Foundation is the largest local charity providing support to people after a stroke. Click here to view our services »

To find out more about our services, or refer yourself or a family member or friend, call 0117 964 7657 or fill in the email form on the contact page.

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