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Bristol Area Stroke Foundation Logo

Aims and Values

Our mission: supporting people to adjust to life after stroke

We do this by:

  • Offering information, guidance and education about stroke and its effects, signposting to other organisations where appropriate.
  • Working with individuals after stroke to help them consider the changes they are facing.
  • Providing single or multiple home visits according to need from skilled professionals who are able to give emotional support and encouragement to the person affected by stroke and their family.
  • Providing free access to an accredited counsellor experienced in stroke.
  • Developing social interaction through a range of groups for those who feel isolated by their stroke.
  • Providing stimulating activities at our groups which aid rehabilitation, for example exercise, conversation, gardening and games.

Our Vision is that:

  • Everyone who has had a stroke can get the help they need to re-gain confidence, achieve a level of independence and re-build a fulfilling life.
  • Counselling or psychological support is offered to all people affected by stroke, including their carers, as we recognise that many people need professional emotional or psychological support to adjust to their life after stroke.
  • BASF services make a measurable difference to people's lives after stroke.
  • The voice of people affected by stroke is heard so that services are improved and needs are met.

Our values are:

  • Person-centred, high quality services.
  • Freedom from all discrimination, treating all equally with respect.
  • Involving our service users and our staff in planning service delivery.
  • Co-operative working with other organisations to achieve our vision.
  • Being positive and creative in responding to challenges and opportunities.
  • Working with integrity and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Working efficiently with low costs to achieve our vision.
  • Being innovative in response to need.